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SpotCrime Crime Map


SpotCrime, the most visited crime map in the US, is now providing an app for Android devices at the Google Play Store to help keep you and your family aware of the crime in your neighborhood and when you are traveling. Please download the new version here: near real time crime information and crime alerts for most areas in the US, United Kingdom, and parts of Canada.
The app provides a crime map linked to many crime sources around the country. Giving you nearby details on:
By pinpointing your location through the GPS on your phone, SpotCrime accesses its current database to provide you with current events and breaking crime stories around you.
Get crime in your zip code right down to your neighborhood and street block.
We are committed to help inform the public and increase everyone’s safety.
Spot crime with SpotCrime, and get out of the crime spot. Don’t let anyone take your mojo.
Crime data is provided by police departments, sheriff agencies, news media. In some cases, data is provided through 911 CAD (dispatch services) and information may be updated at a later time.
This is a great tool for neighborhood watch organizations. If you don’t see crime data on the map, ask your local police department to be transparent with their crime data and SpotCrime will map it for free. No charge to the police department, no charge to you, and free email alerts!
We are not providing sex offender information at this time.